Welcome to Khorvaire!

Hail and well met, traveller. I am Thunvark the Talespinner, bard of the Starsong League and emmisary to the Greensingers of the Eldeen. You’ve no-doubt heard tales of my numerous exploits.

What? You say you haven’t heard of me?

Well, that is certainly regrettable, but I shouldn’t be surprised. You see, my rise to fame and immortality was cut short. I too was an adventurer some years ago, spokesman for the Mainfest Treckers, a troupe of adventurers who made it our business to explore the lesser-known Manifest Zones, those thin spots in reality where the realm of Eberron brushes shoulders with stranger, more primal realities.

That is, until a fateful trip to Droaam. We were spelunking Ghra’gh Zarratt, an ancient ruin of the Dhakaani empire said to be situated at a long-forgotten nexus with the plane of Kythri. I was the only one of us to make it out of that realm alive, and I was afflicted with a malady of the lungs for my trouble. Physical exertion is no longer possible for me… an abrupt and inglorious end to an adventuring career destined for greatness.

I still strive for immortality. Not of the physical sort, mind… I’m sure I’ll be quite ready to turn in this body when the time comes to check out. I instead crave the immortality of memory. If songs will not be sung about my exploits, then I want it to be songs and tales of my devising that are told for generations beyond counting after I am dead and gone. Let people remember the name Thunvark the Talespinner, who chronicled the exploits of great adventurers, whose tales live on throughout the ages!

And that, dear friend, is where you might come in.

I’m looking for adventurers willing and able to make a name for themselves. The world is weary of war stories, and needs new tales to invigorate the people and inspire them. If you’re willing to commit dangerous acts for glory, riches and reknown, I’ll make sure your deeds are known far and wide. I can provide you with leads on potential adventures worth your time, both current rumor and ancient lore. I have more than a few contacts I can put you in touch with, to help as needs be. And of course, any riches you find are yours to keep. My own adventuring was quite lucrative, so I’ve little need for more treasures.

So come! Let us discuss what about the world interests you, and where you might leave your mark!

Gold and Shadows

Thindelock Naeva